Coming Events

Summer Arts Camp at Grove Hall

Arts Camp- Session 1

July 6- 17

Monday- Friday

9:30 – 3:30

Arts Camp- Session 2

Aug 3- 14

Monday- Friday

9:30 – 3:30

A Typical Day:

9:30- 10:00            Arrival &  Ensemble Games

10:00- 10:45          Activity Block 1

10:45 – 11:00        Break/ Snack

11:00- 12:30          Activity Block 2

12:30- 1:00             Lunch inside with a Movie

1:00- 1:45               Games outside

1:45 – 3:00             Activity Block 3

3:00- 3:30               Ensemble Activity


Content will be based on the interests of the campers. Possibilities include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Painting or Drawing Lessons
  • Improvisation
  • Dance/ Movement
  • Acting
  • Music/ Percussion
  • Set and Costume design
  • Singing
  • Writing

Both Sessions:

*(Important Info)*

Some years we split the camp by ages, interests or skill level; this year we will be combining all in each session. However, campers who have done previous camps or who are older, will be asked to work at level that is appropriate to them, and may be asked to step into a mentoring or leadership role from time to time.

Generally,  we choose a theme that helps guide the creative process. This year we will be using the word LEAD to guide us. It is a program that encourages the participants to Listen, Empathize, Act, and Drive to become tomorrow’s LEADers. This is a program that will tie us in with other students from across Canada. For more information on the LEAD program check out the website at

There is a limit of 20 places for each session. IF THE DEMAND CALLS FOR IT WE MAY ADD A THIRD SESSION in the last two weeks of August. 

**We reserve the right to cancel the session (with a full refund) if we don’t have a minimum of 10 participants in each session.** 

Child-care before and after camp hours can be negotiated. 

The Cost:

  • The cost of 1 session for 1 camper is $ 250.
  • The cost of 2 sessions is for 1 camper is $ 450. ( 10% Discount)
  • The cost of registering 2 campers for one session $ 225 each (10% Discount), and registering 3 or more is $210 each (a 16% discount). 
  • Part-time registration- all mornings  $ 180. ( Just afternoons is not an option. Nor is mixing some mornings and some afternoons). Two or more half-day campers is $160 each.
  • The program is aimed at those who are between 6 and 16 years of age. 

COVID Precautions

If your child has a mask, they should be encouraged to wear it. 

A meter distance between campers will be enforced (even within families-so the rules remain clear for everyone).

We will be asking that a volunteer (16 years or older) from each camper’s family group attend one day of camp to be the sanitation monitor. This will mean meeting each child with hand sanitizer between each activity block, making sure the facilities stay safe, and that safe protocols are followed especially at break times. 

Each child should have their own water bottle, snack and lunch kits.

Children with any type of symptoms will be asked to stay home; as will any children who come into contact with cases of COVID. Refunds may be negotiated in these cases.

Enrollment will be limited to 20 participants.

See the bottom of the page for more information…

Please complete as soon as possible. Our Deadline for Registration is July 4th.

Thank you very much for Registering- We will email with further details very soon.

some further background information...

We conducted a survey over the last week to find out what concerns people had about our summer camp being held. Click HERE to see the results.

It shows that by and large people are pleased to send their kids to camp as long as safety and health measures are properly taken.

On June 15, the Legault government reduced social-distancing to one meter between children- though they must still maintain a 2 meter distance with the camp leaders. They also created notion of bubbles of 4-6 children who do not need to maintain any distance. To avoid the trouble that  friendship “bubbles” bursting  could cause, we will not be using this strategy. The only people allowed inside the social distancing limits are family members, and this will be limited to keep it simple for everyone.

If you are interested in the guidelines for running a Summer Camp, this is a LINK to the document for the Government Regulations.