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Youth Theatre Ensemble

Starts September 22- Runs until December 15

13 weeks of instruction for the price of 12
$ 300

Ages 12 - 17
(with exceptions made for students with previous experience)

Every Saturday afternoon from 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

This series of workshops is designed to polish already existing skills in talented youth. We will be working on the process and the production of performing arts. We will be looking at improvisation, physicalization, characterization and other acting skills. Voice, singing and movement will be part of the curriculum. Other technical and artistic elements of performing arts will also be explored- such as directing, designing, stage management, and the fundamentals of lighting and sound. "How to Audition" will be one of the first exercises covered. Skills will be developed with a final theatrical production as a goal. The shape and content of that production will be chosen by the ensemble members