The Hi-Fins are returning the sweet and gritty sound of the 60's to live venues where it belongs. A wall of sound attacking your senses, all from their electrifying live shows ! With sweet vocals and smooth harmonies, The Hi-Fins are building a growing group of fans with every show.

Founding members Paul and Spy began their musical journey at the start of their teens on a chance meeting on a bus, sound familiar? Each with great influences from the Epic 60's bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones,The Who, Kinks, Searchers, Dave Clark Five.... they forged a friendship and a musical bond growing ever since.

The Hi-Fins have a reputation of playing old school 60's style, what does that mean? Plug and play! no pedals, no click tracks, no backing harmony tracks , no auto-tune!  Either you can, or you can't! "Kids come through the doors at a Hi-Fins show who have never heard the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Hollies… I'm always thrilled to see them having fun until the last chord fades!".

For those interested in full evening of fun- call Marc Allaire at the Huntingdon Quillorama at 450 264-3000. The gang form the bowling alley is doing a full dinner-party pre-show event. You can get your tickets through him.
October 13, at 8:00pm

Tickets are $20
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