Anne of Green Gables at

From the novel by L M. Montgomery;
Adapted by Donald Harron: Lyrics by Donald Harron and Norman Campbell;
Additional Lyrics by Mavor Moore and Elaine Campbell;
Music by Norman Campbell
Audition Texts:

Click below to find suggested scenes for auditions:

Anne and Mathew- at the train station

Anne and Marilla- Anne arrives at Green Gables

Anne and Diana- Walking home from school

Anne and Gilbert - on Berry's pond

Marilla and Rachel- Discuss the pros and cons of adoptions

Hints: (For Acting Auditions)

Act like a detective: look for clues in the script for the
situation and emotions of the characters.

Find a scene partner to rehearse with. If you can, drag that
person with you to auditions. If both are you are
auditioning- even better! If you don't have a scene partner-
someone will read with you on the day of.

Try and memorize- it shows how hard you are willing to

Obviously there are more roles than just Anne, Marilla,
Mathew, Diana, Gilbert, Rachel Lynd and Miss Stacey.
However, strong scenes with good potential to show off
your acting are lacking in the script. SO... choose one of the
scenes presented or find something else that shows your
ability to act. State that you are using this script- but you
are really interested in a different role. We are looking at
how you  use your face, body and voice to express feelings
and create the character, show the situation. Ultimately- it
makes no difference what role you read for- we are looking
at acting skill.

Hints: (For Sing Auditions)

Choose a song from Broadway or Disney. Something with a
big sound. Do not chose a pop/ rock/ country song. That
does not help us see how you will sound in a musical. (if you
are not sure- check in with one of us)

Chose something age appropriate, in the same gender as
you, and something that shows of the notes you can sing!
(don't choose it just because it is your favorite song)

Choose a song that you can find a karaoke backing track
for, or ask someone with musical skills to accompany you.
Singing accapella is a very risky move. We want to see if you
can come in in the right place, stay in rhythm, stay in key
etc. If you do it accapella- we can't hear any of those things.
Especially if it is a song we are unfamiliar with.

Again memorize- do not come in with sheet music in your

Audition Tips- general

If you can dance or do gymnastics- show us a small routine-
with music! The students especially have lots of dance
numbers- we want to see you move!

Be a Triple Threat (sing, dance and act!)

Whatever you do- do it with confidence. Never apologize or
make excuses.

Ask for help (a head of time) if you need it. We are here to
help- we want everyone as polished and organized as

Have everything you need on the 'day of' ready- have a
helper with you if you need one to hit play on your music
track, help with setting up etc.

Click here for a more elaborate document of tips:  How to
Nail an Audition
Name: Part Size/ Age of Character/Vocal Type

Anne Shirley: Lead/ 12-18ish - role may be split in two as Anne ages/ Soprano
An orphan, new to Avonlea, vibrant, imaginative, dramatic, desperate to belong to a family. Must
have a strong voice, with equally strong acting and dance skills

Marilla Cuthbert: Lead/ mid 40's to mid 60's/ Mezzo-Soprano
An unmarried, middle-aged woman who owns Green Gables farm with her brother. No-nonsense,
initially appears to be brittle and unfeeling, but warms up to Anne as time goes on.

Matthew Cuthbert: Lead/ mid 40's to mid 60's/ Baritone
An unmarried, middle-aged man living with his sister Marilla at Green Gables. Quiet, kind, very shy,
enjoys Anne’s company though she’s completely different from him.

Gilbert Blythe: Lead/ 12- 18ish - role may also be split/ Tenor
Handsome, cocky, used to being top of his class. Intrigued with Anne from the moment they meet.

Diana Barry: Lead12- 18ish Mezzo-Soprano
Sweet-natured daughter of a prominent Avonlea family; becomes Anne’s best friend immediately.

Miss Stacy: Lead/mid 20's to 40ish Mezzo-Soprano
The vivacious new school teacher who fosters Anne’s newfound love of learning. Kind, but a firm
leader. Must have a strong, warm belt voice -peach of a role

Mrs. Rachel Lynde: Lead/ mid 40's to mid 60's/ Mezzo-Soprano
The self-appointed head of all that goes on in Avonlea. Marilla's friend. Gossip.

Josie Pye: Lead/ 12- 18ish / Mezzo-Soprano
Anne’s nemesis; loves gossip, Gilbert, and causing trouble.

Mr. Phillips: Featured- Ensemble/ Early twenties/ Baritone
The Act 1 teacher at the one room school in Avonlea.

Mrs. Spencer: Featured- Ensemble/ Non specific- Adult/ Spoken
Helped arrange Anne's adoption

Mrs. Blewett: Featured- Ensemble/ Non specific- Adult/ Spoken
From the rougher side of town- exhausted, has many children

Prissy Andrews: Featured- Ensemble/16- 18 ish/ non specific
Oldest student in class- very pretty

Ruby Gillis: Featured- Ensemble/10- 17 - student in schoolMezzo-Soprano
Best Friend to Josie

Tillie Boulter: Featured- Ensemble/10- 17 - student in schoolMezzo-Soprano
Younger Sister to Gerry

Gertie Pye: Featured- Ensemble/10- 17 - student in school/ Alto
Younger Sister to Josie

Gerry Boulter: Featured- Ensemble/10- 17 - student in school/ Tenor
Tillie's older brother

Moody Spurgeon McPherson: Featured- Ensemble/10- 17 - student in school/ Tenor
Class clown

Tommy Sloane: Featured- Ensemble/10- 17 - student in school/Tenor
Brother to Charlie

Charlie Sloane: Featured- Ensemble/12- 18ish - Student in school/Tenor
Gilbert's best friend

Farmer Cecil: Featured- Ensemble/Non specific- Adult/Baritone
Farmer who likes to know what is what in town

Postman Earl: Featured- Ensemble/ Non specific- Adult/Baritone
The postman, always has the latest news

Minister: Featured- Ensemble/Non specific- Adult/Baritone
Older gentleman, very proper

Stationmaster: Featured- Ensemble/ Non specific- Adult/Baritone
Working class fellow, kind

Lucilla Harris: Featured- Ensemble/ Non specific- Adult/ Soprano
Store keeper in Carmondy

Mrs. Barry: Featured- EnsembleNon specific- AdultMezzo-Soprano
Diana's mother- prosperous- well to do

Mrs. McPherson: Featured- Ensemble/ Non specific- Adult/ Mezzo-Soprano
Moody's Mother - The class clown of the Ladies' Brigade

Mrs. Pye: Featured- Ensemble/ Non specific- Adult/ Mezzo-Soprano
Josie and Gertie's Mother- one of the wealthier families

Mrs. Sloane: Featured- Ensemble/ Non specific- Adult/ Mezzo-Soprano
Charlie and Tommy's Mother

Ladies of Avonlea: Ensemble/ Non specific- Adult/ Various voice types

Ensemble: Non specific- Adults and Children/ Various voice types
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