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What is Grove Hall?
Grove Hall is a multilingual, community driven Performing Arts Centre. We present hundreds of artistic and community events throughout the year. Grove Hall is nestled on the banks of the picturesque Chateauguay River on three acres of parkland. Converted from the oldest church in town, Grove Hall has become modern Performing Arts Facility and Wedding/ Convention Centre.The building, located at 165 (and 161, 163, and 167) rue Chateauguay in Huntingdon, Quebec has been owned by Mark and Tina Bye since 2012. It is home to the not for profit entity “The Rural Arts Project”.

What is the Rural Arts Project?
Run by a volunteer board of directors, The Rural Arts Project brings together artists and performers from the community of the Chateauguay Valley/ Haut St Laurent. It provides a space in which there is freedom to share our cultural and creative expression through artistic mediums: music, dance, theatre, visual and literary arts. We strive to support the process and the product of arts creation. We seek to improve the quality of the overall artistic output of our region and connect with others that live is similar rural circumstances. Additionally, we house dance, music and theatre schools and run educational arts programming during the summer.

Our long-term goal is to create a touring company that takes the art and performances to the people in an outdoor festival format. In doing so, and in creating a high caliber artistic event we dream of making the Chateauguay Valley a cultural tourism destination.

We want to offer space for our unique regional voice to be heard. We want to rebuild pride in our area. We want to build up our community. We want to increase the visibility and wealth of our towns and villages. These goals will be achieved more quickly and easily with your assistance. How can you get involved?

                                                                                                                                                 - Message from Mark Bye, Artistic Director